Apr 27

Happy 25th Anniversary – Peace Run/World Harmony Run

25 years ago today the first ever Peace Run kicked off in New York City with live coverage on the NBC Today Show on television.

In a book about the run’s history, Shambhu Neil Vineberg, the Peace Run’s then executive director shares:

Grammy Award-winning record producer Narada Michael Walden composed a theme song, “Oneness-Home Peace Run,” that captured the spirit of the initiative and was featured on TV broadcasts about the Peace Run. By opening day, word about the Run had spread far and wide. We had strong support from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the UN Secretary-General, celebrities Carl Lewis, Clarence Clemons and Narada Michael Walden, and thousands of elected officials who had welcomed Sri Chinmoy’s vision for the Run. That year runners covered 27,000 miles in 44 nations. We were featured in a nationally broadcast PBS-TV special in the US, on a one-hour MTV special, and in countless newspaper articles.

I shared in the American portion of the run that inaugural year in two ways. I flew out to join the American core team running a relay across all 50 states when it went from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Durango, Colorado. I have awesome memories of that experience – running through beautiful locations – seeing a rainbow as soon as we got to the Grand Canyon – early morning meditations at Monument Valley, sleeping in a teepee at a campground, running with the mountains in the distance in Colorado…

Then when the core team passed through Boston, I was there for all the festivities and ceremonies as well.

Happy Birthday Peace Run and World Harmony Run (its new name from 2005 to date)! 25 years later and still going strong!  Learn about Harmony Run events in progress now all across the globe at Worldharmonyrun.org.


May 29

World Harmony Run 2010 – on a road near you

Every two years the World Harmony Run travels across the USA and all over the world in more than 100 countries. To view how this year’s event is unfolding in America, visit Live from the Road. Right now the Run is in Arizona and once it reaches the West Coast it will return back to the East Coast until it arrives in my home state of Rhode Island on August 15th.

Leave me a comment here if you would like to take part in the Run in Rhode Island. It’s on a Sunday so for many there is no conflict if you work the usual weekdays 9 to 5.

I ran with the World Harmony Run (then Peace Run) in its inaugural year 1987 in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Those days remain some of my life’s absolute favorite memories.

I love this featured video with footage from all over the world: Check it out!