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Articles – Ezine and Print

I have one published article in the Winter 2006 issue of Spirit of Change magazine called “Artistry in the Sand.” Scroll down through the animal articles almost to the bottom to read it.

A tribute to a local hero in the town where I work that ran as a guest piece in the local Dartmouth, Ma. weekly paper, The Chronicle.

Articles in Inspiration-Letters, a literary ezine.
Rainbow Visions
Finding the Right Portrait
Artistry In The Sand
Paris, Je t’aime!
Say No To Woe
Meditation Is A Wisdom Messenger
Change Ringing
RX: Write a Poem, Read a Poem, Find Vision’s Shore
The Divine Hero by Sri Chinmoy
Miracle in Jamaica, Queens
Nothing to Declare
The Spirit of Kites: history and folklore about kites.