Spiritual Anniversary 25 50 Forever

face lines crinkle
listen to the serenade
fifty summers fly

My haiku for turning 50 and crossing the threshold of half my life dedicated as a spiritual seeker on Sri Chinmoy’s Path.

25 years ago in 1985 I became a student of spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.

  • I have slowly and at times imperceptibly deepened my adoration and friendship with divinity.
  • I have slowly and steadily grown in blossoming self-acceptance.
  • I have held my ear up to the future and listened to the whisper serenade which beckons with a brighter tomorrow.

Aged 25 when embarking on this path in 1985, I now encounter the half century mark. Many find cause for contemplation in the 50th birthday.

In my case, I am extra motivated to ponder the age of 50 because it is also the turning point in my spiritual life. My 25th spiritual anniversary this year in 2010 marks my half-life anniversary as a seeker. From this point forward, more of my life on Earth will be in the context of conscious spirituality than not. No wonder I find a rooted sense of inner place and sanctuary within the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Sri Chinmoy’s myriad offerings to humanity are guideposts in my inner and outer life. His writings illumine with simplicity that simply shimmers with wisdom. His artwork inspires and gives a gift of smile and joy. His music transforms on a molecular level with healing and uplifting waves of light. His athletic achievements and those of his students (such as the runners in the 3100 mile race going on in New York right now) banish the word impossible from the human dictionary.

For that reason, like the arc of the moon rising in the sky, my horizon traces 25, 50, forever. Gratitude, Grace and Forgiveness. 25, 50, forever. Thank you Sri Chinmoy for the gift of 25 years spiritual anniversary. This mid-life threshold of 50 years living makes short work of the business of growing wiser and younger at heart with each passing moment.

Happy Anniversary to Me.

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About Sharani

As a librarian and bibliophile, I especially resonate with the written word. I began studying meditation as Sri Chinmoy's student in 1985 and my spiritual strivings and creative expression are primarily a spirit of delight in the supernal beauty of God.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Anniversary 25 50 Forever

  1. valiantly pursuing swans
    finding hidden deer-
    life’s green library

    a rhode island snow day
    joy at least
    is never underfunded

    fifty freedom boats
    to one golden shore
    your inner biopic

    Happy Birthday, Sharani!

  2. Thanks so much for the poem – the birthday is still a few months away but somehow I’m already immersed in its pending arrival. I just observed my disciple anniversary to coincide with the 25th anniversary jubilee held this weekend in New York to celebrate Sri Chinmoy’s 25th weightlifting anniversary. It was awesome!!