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Jamestown RI Sunset - Photo by Sharani

I was looking for a fun outing with a friend of mine from the Sri Chinmoy Centre for the beginning of Labor Day weekend. Living in New England near beautiful vacation destinations such as Newport, Rhode Island and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, we decided against going to some of these familiar haunts. We feared that many others might be trying to enjoy the last weekend of summer before school starts by going to the beach or other popular locations. A day trip to Boston also beckoned but with colleges on the verge of beginning it seemed foolish to go anywhere near Harvard Square, etc.

She asked where I had taken my parents whenever they came to visit from Michigan and Arizona. I thought of Jamestown – a small island between the southern Rhode Island coast and Newport. I said let’s go to Wickford first and then bring a picnic dinner to eat at the Beavertail Lighthouse and Park in Jamestown. Spontaneously I added, “let’s watch the sun set at the lighthouse.”

My friend had never been to Jamestown or the lighthouse and it had been a while since she had visited Wickford so our itinerary was set. Before we knew it, a short half hour drive brought us to Wickford, a town on the ocean’s coast with all the charm and flavor of Martha’s Vineyard or Bristol with many houses bearing historic plaques dating them back to the early 1800’s and cottage gardens spilling over with flowers.

Monarch on Flower - Photo by Sharani

Because I am in seventh heaven when photographing the likes of flowers, butterflies and other aspects of nature, my friend quickly lost me to paparazzi mode in front of a delightful cottage garden of flowers. Then further down the road I encountered a monarch butterfly and bumblebees and finally had to ring my companion up on my mobile phone so she would know where I was – crouched over in front of the monarch for at least 20 minutes.

Once we hooked back up, I finally switched into shopping mode and couldn’t resist some of the sale items at Green Ink where they sell a wonderful line of comfortable linen clothes called “Flax”. I bought this wonderful jacket and after we got frozen hot chocolate drinks at Wickford Gourmet (their brownie was featured on Rachael Ray’s cooking show on television) we were finally ready to drive to the Beavertail Lighthouse.
Beavertail Lighthouse, RI - Photo by Sharani

When we arrived at the lighthouse and its surrounding park, we joined others who had the same idea. People were perched on portable camping chairs and many had their cameras out. As the time for sunset approached, people arrived in droves and sat facing the horizon across the bay where the sun would bid farewell to the day. Most left as soon as it set. When I said let’s watch the sun set in Jamestown at the lighthouse, I was only guessing that this might be a picture perfect spot for a sunset. Boy was my intuition right about that!

We headed home shortly after night fell and marveled that yet again a treasure chest of delights awaits the explorer in the wonderful state of Rhode Island.