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HomedarshanThe Best Kind of Beautiful


The Best Kind of Beautiful — 6 Comments

  1. Sharani, thank you for this candid report of a sublime and delicate experience. I generally find myself at a loss when trying to craft a likeness of such things from mere words. You have done something remarkable.


  2. Thanks so much for this kind comment Sumangali. I sometimes doubt myself after I write a piece like this which is so frank about inner experiences that are indeed hard to put in words. I ask myself if it is perhaps too personal to share on a blog but then feel almost compelled to openly acknowledge blessings as an attempt to articulate my gratitude in receiving them. I am touched that you appreciated my feeble attempt.

  3. Thanks for sharing a very special, intimate experience Sharani. I am often at a loss to put into words such experiences—just yesterday attempted to express a sudden, snowballing sunburst of joy by coining a few words of poetry, which I continue to attempt now and then under Sri Chinmoy’s own maxim “Never give up!”—and am grateful to read your valient, worthy attempt at transcribing the inner worlds here.

  4. Thank-you for sharing this, Sharani – appreciating the generous and courageous spirits of student and Master. Love, Beverly

    Happiness runs in great big circle
    Happiness runs,
    Happiness runs!

    -Donovan Leitch

  5. Hi Beverly,
    Well you introduced me to an obvious classic that I was not familiar with already. I put a Donovan music CD called Pied Piper with this song “Happiness Runs” on hold in our library network. Until it comes, I’m hearing the song as the background music for a YouTube Video which plays him singing it with the Beatles when they were in India.

    Cool, thanks Beverly!

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