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Life Coach Priscilla Palmer recently created a list of top sites to aid personal development. In her introduction to the list she defines personal development as “a large topic that includes but is not limited to (law of attraction, goals, time management, physical fitness, education, motivation, inspiration, and social skills). This list should include any blog you feel can benefit us in our growth process.”

I look forward to exploring this comprehensive list of blogs sharing a positive focus. And I wish to offer hearty congratulations to some of the sites that I already frequent and always benefit from reading which are included in this personal development list:

Tejvan at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration

Jennifer at Goodness Gracious (I love the way sprinkles of stardust follow your cursor on her blog – instant smile blossoms)

Surjit at Gurushubad

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! I’m happy to see valuable resources on the Internet getting recognition and appreciation. I do hope you visit them too if you haven’t already discovered all they have to offer.