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A Few of My Favorite Blogs Make It on a “Best of” List — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Sharani…

    Ohh thank you so very much for your kindness!

    It means a lot to me!

    I am much enjoying the look and feel of this site! Great job! šŸ™‚

    Many blessings to you my friend,


  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I know your honors/citations in the blogging world are numerous beyond this best of list. Still I’m impressed and happy that the goodness you are sharing is well-received. I especially like your list “moments of goodness” along the left sidebar of your site. The librarian in me likes items such as donate used books or read to a child. Your inclusion of visit an elderly friend is reminding me that since my job changed recently I haven’t made time to visit the 93-year old man in the neighborhood that I befriended while walking on my lunch hour. Your list will spur me to see him soon!

  3. Thank you soooo much Sharani, for your nice and motivating words.I feel elated and humbled. I am glad you like my simple blog.
    You have wonderful blogs. God bless.

  4. You are very welcome, Surjit. I just read your interview at bloginterview.com and I share your philosophy that “Service to others and the spirit of sacrifice are qualities that make a man truly great and happy.” Thanks for sharing these wise principles.

  5. Hi Tejvan,
    I agree that your site fosters personal development with its wealth of posts on topics such as avoiding depression, dealing with anger and the power of simplicity. I particularly like the post on “Seven Simple Steps to Inner Peace.”

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