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Acts of Kindness Day 12-17-07 — 18 Comments

  1. There are so many posts on this topic about things to do, that I would encourage you to read the Bloggers Unite posts. They are incredible in their depth and reach across the globe.

  2. If you bake, hand out random acts of cookies.

    Small stuff: smile, hold the door open, fetch a neighbor’s mail, sweep their path.

    I like your blog! I think I’ll tag along for a while. Always nice to meet a fellow book-lover.

  3. Hi CyberCelt (Eileen) and Linda!
    Linda – not only are we fellow book-lovers but we’re both “girls” on a road šŸ™‚
    CyberCelt I will surely take your advice! The part of this effort that is a little different for me is that for the last 20 something years I have been focusing my hopes for a better world channeled through prayer and meditation. Inner acts of charity perhaps?

    Wishing you both peace during the holiday season!

  4. Update – today I found out that no post office near where I live and work offers the opportunity to read and buy gifts that children send to Santa Claus c/o the North Pole. I’ve scratched that idea off my list.

    Today I created a candle group. Yesterday when I picked up library books to return for a woman’s just deceased husband, we sat together and reminisced and she really appreciated having one less thing to deal with in the wake of her husband’s passing.

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  7. Hi Brad at DIY Biography,
    You asked about what I plan to do next over at my bloggers unite post about Acts of Kindness Day. This is an excellent question! I am already thinking about what I can do to incorporate this perspective more permanently into my awareness. I am somewhat new to working with the public in my job so I am trying to be more conscious of the little things – paying someone a sincere compliment, offering a friendly hello, trying to be helpful with their needs. Truth to tell, when I started catching a cold yesterday I realized that I have to be good to myself as well in order to really be of service to the world around me.

  8. Update – Yesterday I gave a supermarket gift card to my recently unemployed friend. This morning (I’m not counting this but it’s kind of in the same spirit) I gave a Christmas gift for the first time to the handyman who cuts my grass, shovels my walk and rakes my leaves. Then after I got to work I gave a check for Bucks for Books. a charitable effort to save the library where I work from losing its certification due to big budget cuts. Also, I started baking gingerbread cookies last night and got a little slowed down when I didn’t have any flour to help with rolling them out. Will buy that tonight on the way home from work…

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  10. Dear Sharani, how I admire your kindness! I feel that those who become so energized to plan and fulfill acts of kindness are God’s special angels. Inspired by you, I have lit two candles at gratefulness.org.

  11. Merry Christmas Michael! Now that I have found a community center in the town where I live that took the winter coats, mittens and hats that I bought plus some food (it has a food pantry too) I plan to regularly bring items there. Even though my own job security is less than it used to be, I feel I should give all the more as long as I’m able.

  12. Sharani, I like your ideas of daily acts of kindness. I really enjoyed the light a candle website. Such a simple idea but quite powerful. I think I will try some of your other ideas too.

    Prayers in action have a transforming power and it sounds like you are already experiencing a blessing from them too.

    Hope you have a wonderful new year!

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  14. Hi Sandra,
    I’m so happy to share the candle site with as many people as possible. I felt lucky to learn of it and hope many others can be touched by its inspiration.

    I am all agreement with you about the power of prayer. I humbly try to feel closer to God and to feel blessed when I reach out to see and feel
    God in my fellow human beings, animals, nature…

    Happy New Year to you too!

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