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A Taste of the Music of Sri Chinmoy — 7 Comments

    • Hi Tejvan,
      The media plugin is the Anarchy Media Player. Instead of having to FTP an audio file to the WordPress host, I could just add it from the upload function at the bottom of post creation and it automatically creates the player when you send it to the browser. Now that’s my kind of simple!

  1. Hi Sharani,

    What a lovely piece of music – one of our Guru’s many beautiful classics. It has lifted me – and I needed that today! I will try to learn it on my flute. Nice article Sharani – thanks.

    • Hi Shardul,
      Do let me know if you record yourself playing the song and add it to your blog. I really enjoy listening to your flute pieces on your site.

  2. I like to write you, it is like finding a place to be happy.

    What you have written in your post about mysterious happiness
    applies also to me since this morning. I let go everything and find
    an inner freedom.


    • Hi Nirmala,
      What a delight to see you have blog posts at Priyadarshan’s site. I look forward to a new place to visit on the Web and when you include some in German it can help me see how much I remember from studying German language in school.

      • Hi Girl on a road

        one of my qualities is delight, light and delight in the entire being to please the Lord Supreme in His own Way, in a very special way. So I am a Girl on a very special way. Priyadarshan is so kind to offer me a site but to tell the truth
        I am a complete beginner. Guru once said: learn to concentrate, learn to meditate and learn to contemplate, learn
        to give joy.

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