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Acts of Kindness Day Revisited – from the Big Give to to Remote Area Medical — 6 Comments

  1. “Be grateful that the poor man is there so that by making a gift to him.”

    You are exactly right, of course. It’s the very thought I had when I covered some posts. I was grateful they shared their stories as were many people who read them. And that makes all the difference.

    I have faith that someday more people might flop the human condition of allowing ourselves to criticize more freely than we allow ourselves to share a act of kindness. Great post Sharani.


    • Hi Rich,
      Your wonderful image of the difference the world would see if we could reverse the natural tendency to criticize and replace it with kindness reminds me of the Japanese Naikan philosophy I recently wrote about here.

      When you ask yourself the three questions of Naikan, one of them is to ponder what ways one might have caused trouble and suffering instead of the much easier task of counting the weaknesses of others and the world around us. I welcome each and every chance to turn my life in that direction and your comment is a perfect reminder to assist in that process.

  2. Greetings,
    Like your blog and the contents. Swami Vivekananda have said it rightly. Yes, I practice charity in my daily live, even if it is small and teach my children too. The changes have to start from us.

    • Hi Sankri,
      thanks for visiting and reminding me of the importance to practise these ideals as a daily philosophy. Recently, I have been trying harder to treat the public whom I serve every day as a Reference Librarian in a public library as if God’s presence is shining forth from their being or as if they were royalty. Do unto others would be the Christian perspective…actually living that precept is harder than it seems.

  3. Yes, I certainly agree with you. It is not easy to practice these ideals. God has HIS way of teaching us, HIS children. Swami Vivekananda, wrote these:

    When I asked God for strength
    He gave me difficult situtaions to face

    When I asked God for Brain and Brown
    He gave me puzzless in life to solve

    When I asked God for Happiness
    He showed me some unhappy people

    When I asked God for Wealth
    He showed me how to work hard

    When I asked God for favors
    He showed me opportunities to work hard

    When I asked God for Peace
    He showed me how to help others

    God gave me nothing I wanted
    He gave me everything I needed

    This is the poem that keeps me going during my difficult times….Sorry to take up so much of the space for my comment……..

    • Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful poem Sankri. It is my first encounter with it. I especially like the part that says “When I asked God for Peace He showed me how to help others.” Words to live by.

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