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Flower Power Pt. 3 – The Perseverance of Tulips — 6 Comments

  1. Some great photos of tulips and spring flowers. Squirrels can look cute, but to the gardener they can be a bit of a pest…

    I remember with fondness the time when I worked as a gardener; much more fun than working with computers 🙂

    • Hi Tejvan,
      I forgot that you used to work as a gardener! What a change indeed. Did I see that you recently started a blog for gardeners?

  2. Hello Sharani

    I love the last quote from Sri Chinmoy, I hadn’t read that before. Very refreshing.

    Haven’t been blogging or reading much lately, so it was a treat for me to visit today to catch up on your latest posts and photos. I don’t have a garden of my own, so I enjoyed visiting your virtual one very much!

    In Old England we seemed to skip spring this year and went straight from winter to summer. There seems to be a trend here this year towards a type of tulip which is absolutely enormous, like an old-fashioned wine goblet. They are out now in brilliant fire colours. I suppose you would know what they are. I know nothing about gardening but love to appreciate the work of gardeners.

    With love

    • Hi Sumangali,
      I’m not certain about the tulips you mention that are popular in England currently. I’ll have to explore and see what I discover. I planted somewhat cautiously in December so next year I will branch out (puns a minute) and explore some new colours and varieties.

  3. At a place where I once worked, a co-worker and avid gardener referred to squirrels as rats with pretty tails. She noticed my surprise – I had always thought squirrels to be rather cute – and remarked, “Well, they eat the bulbs in my garden!”

    Having just seen your lovely garden, I can attest to the fact that you were successful in growing tulips this year.

    • Hi Niriha,
      I’m delighted you stopped by with a comment! I must confess I have also heard other gardeners refer to squirrels in this manner. I didn’t have the heart to feel antagonistic towards them but am rather thrilled to have outsmarted their own foraging instincts. Next to come – a hummingbird feeder!

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