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The Eternal Peace-Flame in Oslo, Norway — 2 Comments

  1. With my heart’s love and gratitude I was blessed to have been in Oslo working on the commemoration of the flame in its first location. What an extraordinarily powerful and inspiring creation this divine flame is. I strongly believe the flame is ‘for this world, but not of this world’. Now the flame in its new location embodies an even more powerful symbolism – with the finely crafted bronze statue of Sri Chinmoy. A flaming beacon carrying humanity’s hopes and dreams for world peace – next to the one who tirelessly devoted his life to this the most noble of causes – Sri Chinmoy. Blessings to all – Sahayak.

    • Hi Sahayak
      Thanks for your efforts in what you call “this the most noble of causes”. This landmark now stands as one of my favorites worldwide!

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