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The Spirit of a Runner – documentary by Jessie Beers-Altman — 6 Comments

  1. Sharani,

    Thank you for posting the news of the new film featuring The 3100 Mile Race and Suprabha.

    The trailer is beautiful and I can hardly wait to watch the entire film.


    • Hi Ahelee,
      I hope you do get to see it – Nirmala comments here that she also found it quite beautiful when she watched it in Germany.

      Best Regards,

  2. Sharani

    The Heidelberg Joyday is just over and I was thinking how last year you were there and liked it so much. We saw the beautiful film already twice on a big screen. It is so completly Fine Art, the finest Spirit of an ultra Runner. Best to you Nirmala
    (There were already so many Spargel everywhere, you remember..)

    • Hi Nirmala,
      What a pleasant surprise to hear from you! I will have to go out and buy some asparagus and think of Germany in May. It’s not quite in season yet here as far as I can tell although I did put in my vegetable garden Memorial Day weekend.

    • I know it showed recently at The Panorama of My Silence-Heart Cafe in Jamaica, Queens, New York. I’m not sure precisely where else it is airing. If you live near a cafe or shop run by students of Sri Chinmoy, I would inquire there if they know of it being shown. Hopefully it will air on television as well eventually.

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