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Ice Cream Happiness – From Ice Cream Trucks to Frozen Kefir — 2 Comments

  1. I love this post about Ice Cream and childlike consciousness.

    I have been noticing all the Ice Cream trucks lately in NY. Russ, my better- half, and I actually made up lyrics to the Ice cream Truck song one night recenly. We became like little children singing along as we walked home at night through the residential streets of Jamaica.

    Though you would have to hear it and I am happy to sing it to you if you like, it goes something like this…

    ” When we all go to Grandma’s house,
    Then we will get some Ice Cream.
    Ice Cream at Grandma’s house,
    Grandma’s house has Ice Cream. ”

    … the ending isn’t quite worked out yet.

    Sure was fun though singing with the Ice Cream truck song on the way home.

    Funny. I too was tempted to get some thing from the truck like when I was a child.

    Thank you for acting on this … “for me” Sharani!


    Love ,


    • I can hear this melody in my head, having also arrived to the streets of Jamaica to observe Sri Chinmoy’s birthday. I wonder if the ice cream from the truck is yummy? Or if you can find frozen kefir in Manhattan?

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