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Tonight I took a nostalgic stop down memory lane when I bought ice cream from an ice cream truck wending its way through the neighborhood while I was out walking as the sun set. I had some money in my pocket and a smile on my face as I steered my feet towards the ice cream truck instead of back towards my house.

The early days of Palagis Ice Cream

The early days of Palagi's Ice Cream

I have certainly heard the ice cream truck bell ringing in my Rhode Island neighborhood but this is the first time that I actually buy from it. Somehow it seems something tailor made for children and not for my middle-aged viewpoint. However, I felt a child once again as I pored over the pictures of ice cream oddities and creations. What did I get? A Klondike Choco Taco for $2.25 from Palagi’s Ice Cream.

Lo and behold they have been vending ice cream since 1896 and their website shows pictures of horse drawn selling wagons and Model A Ford Wagons. So my nostalgic trip down memory lane was just so in more ways than one.

This ice cream “taco” was fun to eat but I said to myself,

“From where to where!”

My favorite flavor of non-dairy ice cream

My favorite flavor of non-dairy ice cream

when I stopped to think that a couple of weeks ago I had frozen kefir for the first time ever at a
Starfruit shop in Wicker Village, Chicago and totally LOVED it!

Or that the frozen confection you are most likely to find in my freezer this summer is a non-dairy variety of ice cream such as Purely Decadent brand Pomegranate Chip or Rice Dream brand.

Since I seem to equate ice cream with happiness, I like to reference the following quote from my meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy’s writings for a spiritual perspective on the subject:

Charles: Does God like ice cream?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, God does like ice cream because ice cream is the food of the human beings who love the childlike consciousness. God always treasures the child-consciousness; therefore, He likes ice cream. He eternally wants to remain in the child-consciousness. He is an eternal Child. Whatever a child likes, He also likes because that is the only way He can satisfy and please Himself. Because He is an eternal Child, He eternally likes ice cream.

Excerpt from God The Supreme Humourist Part 2 by Sri Chinmoy.