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Light a Candle – Pray for Japan — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Sharani,
    Thank you for this very inspiring article. Sri Chinmoy wrote a beautiful song for Japan which is hauntingly beautiful. Here’s what I can remember of the words he wrote:
    Japan, Japan, Japan! A soulful flower garden. Clearly you see, quickly you do, silence ecstasy, your property true!
    Maybe someone can quote it exactly. As I try to pray for them during this difficult time, they continue to amaze me with their courage and strength. It’s so tragic to see such a beautiful and productive country face such incredible obstacles. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to go through all this. I hope they can realize that their brothers and sisters throughout the world are thinking of them.
    Pritika Egemo

  2. Sharani, thanks for this. It speaks of what’s in my heart as well. I’ve never been to Japan (yet!), but I feel a real affinity with the people and culture–enough that what they’re going through is absolutely breaking my heart. This is one of those times when I just have to trust that my (and everyone’s) prayers and good wishes really are having an effect…I don’t know the “inner mechanics” of that, but I definitely believe it’s true.

    In the meantime, my thoughts are with all the unsung heroes, both at the nuclear plant who are struggling against all odds to contain the problem, and helping those in the earthquake- and tsunami-ravaged areas.

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