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The number eleven is in the spotlight with the once in a hundred years occurrence of the convergence of the number 11 to the nth degree.

Have you ever noticed that certain numbers have powerful significance in your life? Have you ever explored numerology? Whether harkening back to Pythagorus or the Kabbalah, the idea that everything can be reduced to a number with mystical significance is an interesting thing to ponder.

I haven’t learned much about numerology but am intrigued by the frequence of the number 56 in my life and its relationship to the number 11. Ever since I received my spiritual name on Nov. 11, 2001 (11/11/01), I resonate with the number 11. Quite often, I instinctively look over at a digital clock as it displays the time 11:11.

The number 56 has been in my midst again and again and 5 +6 = 11. Twice I lived at a street address of 56 and currently I live at a street address of 156. What are the odds of that happening so many times?

To me the number 11 symbolizes that there is one and only one divine reality – that God is all, the one and only one.

Pythagorus said, “Eleven is the number of a cycle of new beginnings.”

There’s some pretty “out there” stuff about 11:11 – one website that says that it is a doorway to ascension into a higher world (www.nvisible.com), all kinds of mind-blowing stuff.

Eleven has to do with the DNA codes.

Eleven is also considered a master number and has a lot to do with awakening and spiritual psychic realms. In that sense, I guess it’s appropriate that my spiritual journey catapulted to another level in conjunction with this number.

To observe this day full of special elevens which is also the tenth anniversary of receiving a spiritual name “Sharani” from Sri Chinmoy, I traveled to Queens New York and meditated while gazing at the spot where I received this special blessing. Perhaps it is only appropriate that my inner focus soared right towards a yearning for the highest goal of God-realization. You can be sure that most of the time my trajectory is much closer to terra firma than that.

What number is special to you? Do you like the number 11? Or are you already setting your sights on 12-12-12!

p.s. I started writing this post at exactly 11:11 pm on 11-11-11 but have to admit that I finished writing it at 11:47 pm (hey 4 + 7 = 11)