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When a much loved pet passed out of my life recently, I took the advice of some trusted friends who suggested that I should contemplate how my life changed and what lessons came from sharing a part of myself with a sweet Siamese cat.

One result of that investigation left me with a sincere wish to pay it forward and see if there was a way I could share with other animals some of the love and acceptance that they often bring to the table.

Now I am privileged to interact with animals (in my case the preference is the feline variety) by sharing a little time as a volunteer at an animal shelter near my house and by fostering cats until they can get adopted with another organization that specializes in rescuing strays and neutering/spaying feral cats.

The people connected with these organizations, the RISPCA and the East Providence Chapter of the Volunteer Services for Animals, are the real quiet heroes with their self-offering on behalf of helpless animals.

My personal inspiration was to see videos added to the descriptions to help get the animals adopted. Here is one video by yours truly showing a cat up for adoption named Claire that is the beginnings of this venture. And here is a picture of a little kitty I named Pixie Dust who I am fostering and may eventually adopt.

 If we can help the helpless, then God will be so pleased with us and proud of us. These children are not getting a mother’s and father’s affection. But if somebody comes and says, “Yes, I may not be able to give you a mother’s or a father’s affection, but I will try to give you a little affection, then God is so pleased. At that time God’s divine Pride in you increases beyond your imagination. You are getting very, very special Blessings from Him. Again, it is He who has given you the opportunity, the capacity and the wisdom to help these orphans.

           -Sri Chinmoy, Lord Buddha’s Compassion-Hand, Agni Press, 1993.