2nd Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s Mahasamadhi

Gratitude Flower
Gratitude Flower
Sunday October 11, 2009 will be the second anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s 2007 Mahasamadhi. Several hundred visitors from various countries will shortly arrive in Jamaica, Queens, New York to observe this year’s anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s passing from the earth plane. Last year’s observance made a powerful imprint on me. I prayed and meditated through the entire night on the eve of October 11th at the site of his samadhi interment. Surrounded by flickering candles and an ocean of flowers,¬† fellow students of Sri Chinmoy chanted in unison for hours on end. Other musicians and singers soulfully performed.

  • Listen to Radio Sri Chinmoy to hear some of the performances at last year’s one year observance.
  • Read impressions from Kedar, a Swiss photographer, blogger and videographer who is a student of Sri Chinmoy.
  • Read and watch moving tributes to Sri Chinmoy offered immediately after his passing on his official website.

I will also make the journey to New York for this year’s anniversary observances. I just spent time there last weekend to pray and meditate on my own 49th birthday. I felt many inner and outer blessings and special spiritual experiences during that visit. These experiences create yet another example of the continued sense of his inner presence and connection in my life despite the absence of his physical presence.

This continuing sense of guidance from my spiritual teacher makes me think that a Mahasamadhi anniversary can be as much a celebration of his life and gifts to others than for it to be a time for sorrow and mourning. I know there will be at least a few tears Рthere already were a few days ago Рbut mostly you will find me in a choir of happiness and praise for the profound encouragement, inspiration and peace that he shared  so completely with each and every person fortunate enough to know him.

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2 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s Mahasamadhi

  1. Around 100 of his students from the former Yugoslavia gathered in Belgrade to also observe the anniversary. We also saw it as a celebration of his life.

    • In New York, the observance of the anniversary was heartfelt and soulful. When some of his students were in formation for marching and a salute, a monarch butterfly flew all around and over their heads and into the Samadhi area. Some remembered that a monarch butterfly was present during his interment in 2007. Little signs from the universe of our undying connections…