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I first learned about Light a Candle and the wonderful site Gratefulness.org when I read an article by Sascha Zuger called “How to make someone’s day… for $20 or less (or even nothing)” in the October 2, 2007 issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Gratefulness.org is a nonprofit organization and international Internet community dedicated to increasing a spirit of gratitude in our daily lives.

Perhaps the most beloved part of this site is the Light a Candle feature. Begun in 2001, 4 1/2 million candles have been lit representing over 200 countries. This powerful contemplative tool begins by inviting the participant to reflect before continuing. Then you can enter a message, your name and country and you click on the wick to light the candle. It burns virtually for 48 hours. One can also create a thematic group and invite friends to light a candle in the spirit of a particular person or cause.

Today I created a candle group for a fellow spiritual brother Dharmaja in the Sri Chinmoy Centre from San Diego, California. He has been hospital bound on the East Coast since a little over a year ago. His cheerfulness in the face of his current physical limitations is a beacon of light in itself and an example for all the hearts he continues to touch.

I do hope if you have never heard of this special place on the Web that you explore its offerings. There is also a wonderful collection of articles on the subject of gratitude and its immense value in our lives. The Light a Candle graphic will take you to Dharmaja’s group. Please join me in wishing him well in this very special way.

P.S. this candle group is one of my activities to try to share kindness moments from Dec. 17th – Acts of Kindness Day – until Christmas Day.