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HomedaffodilsDaffodils in Dartmouth – Parsons Reserve


Daffodils in Dartmouth – Parsons Reserve — 4 Comments

  1. Happened upon this site and the gratefulness.org site in what was evidently a Divine Hand guiding me. Wha happened is a miracle, albeit, in the world of miracles, a small one. I was feeling deeply depressed, a continuation of years of melancholy. Nearly immobilized by feelings of despair and then the candles, then the daffodils and my heart was opened again to possibilities. Thank you, kind friend, for taking time to share the beauty of song and flower. It took your time and energy, and for this, I am indebted. I will get off my ass, go out in the world and attempt to share that which is good!~

    • Howard,
      Words cannot do justice to how glad I feel that the gratefulness.org site and the video about the daffodil field lifted your spirits. My personal foundation for overcoming melancholy (and in this current social/economic climate who doesn’t feel it) is faith and meditation. If you visit the Sri Chinmoy Centre website listed to the right in my Blogroll, they list information about where various centers offer free classes in meditation. Some towns and cities also have vegetarian restaurants, etc. expressing this positive uplifting philosophy advocated by my meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy. Wishing you many moments of beauty and happiness!

  2. Hi Sharani,

    Great to see you applying your creative skills to multimedia, and so well done! Perfect choice of music! They sound English? Excuse me taking away from the mystery of your delightful creation, but how did you put it altogether? I am keen to learn as I have only just started getting into multimedia applications on the PC and my experiments have been somewhat disastrous!


    • Hi Pavitrata,
      My efforts are wholly amateur and self-taught. For this one that I uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, I created it using Windows MovieMaker, software that should just be there as part of the Windows package of software available on your computer. You can import video footage and photographs into Windows MovieMaker. Then you can choose transitions, add titles and credits and either use the audio from the existing video footage or import an audio clip from your music library. One time I actually extracted the audio from some video footage and then copied it so that it repeated longer through the creation. I don’t actually own a video camcorder so my video footage is just from that feature on my camera. I’m still a neophyte in how to use that – as I walked around the daffodil field with the camera video running, a lot of the footage was way to wobbly to use. Once you finish your project, you just save it as a movie and then you can upload it or save it to disc.

      If you use a MAC, the corresponding software is iMovie instead of Windows Movie Maker. I find the Windows software easier to use so I typically use that more than iMovie.

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