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A few of my favorite things

Inspired by the song from The Sound of Music, here is a stream of consciousness heartstorm of my recent favorite things. *Geese in flight overhead quite low to the road as I drove to work this morning. They flew by and took my hushed breath with them. *My new camera -...

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God's Love Tattoo Poem & Drawing by Sharani


How do you make a
God Love Tattoo?
A big, big heart that says
to You only I’m true

God's Hour Poem & Drawing by Sharani


Clocks march forward in a proper straight line
Tick tock certainty that you can spin on a dime
God’s Hour hovers like a mist beyond time
When will I awaken to this reality sublime

Moors & Marshes Poem & Drawing by Sharani

Moors and marshes cattails slight
Nobility climber or swampland plight!
When we choose the high road rather than the low
we rise above the wilderness of the valley of ego

Leap Frog Realization Poem & Drawing by Sharani

Parenthetical places inside my heart
Leap frog realization start
Hollow out the rock
pour down the chime
Bud to bough breakthrough time

Katydid Poem & Drawing by Sharani

The Ladybug smiled at the Katydid
Katy did too hop on one foot
at the Grasshopper Ball last night
And she whirled past the Mayberry Pond
My, what a sight!

Pirouette Poem & Drawing by Sharani

Who knew that life itself could spring up on its toes
like a ballet dancer pirouetting
from illusion darkness into
God’s ever-beckoning love

Pride Poem & Drawing by Sharani

Pride pops up
everything else hides.
Disaster day dawn
bottled with fizz
for a demon drink dry.

Rainbow Poem & Drawing by Sharani

Far down the road
I hear there’s a rainbow
Far down the road
I hear there’s a plan.
When I travel the lifetimes
When I travel the lands
I need an inner peace walking stick
to give me a hand.

God's Magic Hat Poem & Drawing by Sharani

I wish peace could multiply
like rabbits
pulled out of God’s Magic Hat

Hatch and Fly Poem & Drawing by Sharani

Was I a seeker yearning yearning for God’s friendship here on Earth?
Did I even dare to fathom what my life was really worth?
Aspiration realm indeed unconscious then You gave it a new birth
Hear that peeping inside the shell?
My soul is crying to be free
You’re my only incubator trying to help me hatch and fly
I’m your ugly duckling swan chick with the will to try and try